Learn Practical Skills Through Entrepreneurship 

Virtual Summer Classes 
Want your child to have some productive screen time? Learn Entrepreneurship from the comfort of your home.
Students 8-14 years old can login to workshops and camps to learn money management, business building, and creative marketing skills.

About Us

In order to adapt to this rapidly changing world, we believe it is important to prepare students with the skills and resources needed to build their future career. Through entrepreneurship, students can learn digital skills, money management, solve complex problems, network with others, team build and improve communication. At Rise Venture School, we are dedicated to building the leaders of tomorrow and are passionate about giving every student the tools they need to thrive in their future.

Our Program

Entrepreneurship isn't only about building a business, it is acquiring a set of tools to design the future we desire. These tools are fostered from academics and social development. The practical skills learn through our program teaches from 3 pillars of learning:


Financial Literacy, Digital Skills and Social Development


We offer camps, workshops and after school programs that teaches students the practical skills needed to prepare them for the future.

"I was surprised! I thought this was a lemonade stand camp, but my daughter actually learned practical business skills."



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