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At Rise Venture School, we believe in expanding the horizon for youth. Their minds are full of innovative ideas, and are constantly looking to spark change in the world around them. By bridging their imagination into a business venture, they can develop life skills to navigate this changing world, and overcome challenges. In the process, they are sharpening these important skills: Critical thinking,  Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Confidence, Compassion and Community awareness​

It is our goal to develop and equip students with the tools they need to thrive in this evolving world. Entrepreneurship isn't only about building a business, in the process students acquire tools to tackle life's challenges. 

bout the Founder

Wendy Tang​

With over 8 years of experience working with students of all ages, it is without a doubt Wendy's passion to develop and inspire the youth community. Certified as an Early Childhood Educator, Wendy also studied Business Management at York University. She successfully managed and grew several small business in Toronto, where she was originally from. Coming from a big city that is driven by entrepreneurs, she decided to pursue her dream of inspiring youth through an entrepreneurship program. Combining her passion for education and experience in business management, Rise Venture School is born. Having an entrepreneurial mindset her whole life, Wendy sees the value in the life skills acquired through the process of becoming an entrepreneur and is dedicated to empowering the next generation with these tools.

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