While each workshop targets a subject area, they are all interconnected with transferable skills.

Workshops are offered to Gr 3 -6 students. 

Exercise imagination

Creativity is the first step to innovation. In this workshop, students will learn a creative thinking tool to come up with business ideas and ways to solve social problems.

This is a 2 hour workshop. It is recommended to take this course before the Prototyping workshop.

Bring ideas to life

Let's carry out our ideas.

In this workshop, students learn how to turn their ideas into prototypes. They will also learn how to give and receive feedback to improve their ideas. 

This is a 3 hour workshop. 

Build a shop

In this full day workshop, students will experience how to operate a business from production to execution. From understanding loans, expenses, pricing, and profits, students will gain hands on experience in money management, product development and business operations.

B ook a Workshop 

Contact us to book a workshop at your school or corporate office.

We run Pro D day programs and weekend workshops.

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