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What is Digital Startup Camp?

Students at Digital Startup Camp will learn the fundamentals of building a business, be introduced to coding, understand basic finances, design products and develop an online store. In the process, they will gain hands on experience in being an entrepreneur. In this workshop, students are challenged to be forward thinkers, work together as a team, use their creativity to solve complex problems, and learn basic money management.

Who can sign up to Digital Startup Camp?

Age: 8-11

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Prerequisites: None

Focus: Entrepreneurship & Technology

Length: One week

Why Rise Venture School?

Without a doubt, we live in a world that is driven by technology and entrepreneurs. More and more students will need a combined knowledge of technical and soft skills to thrive in this rapidly changing world. At Rise Venture School, while focusing on equipping students with technical skills like digital and financial literacy, students can put these skills into practice with complementary soft skills like leadership, communication, and critical thinking. We believe having an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the greatest assets students can acquire today, to best prepare them for the future.

August 6 - 9

August 12 - 16